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  • What is a SaaS link building?

    Link building is a set of activities aimed at getting other websites to link to your URLs. It may include guest blogging, A-B-C exchanges and other techniques.

  • Why should you do it?

    Building quality backlinks to your website pages helps your blog content and product pages rank better on Google, bringing more traffic and inbound leads.

  • How we do it at Quoleady?

    We work with content writers who publish on a variety of platforms and cooperate with SaaS blogs on A-B-C exchanges. No content mills, no PBNs, no BS.

What we offer

Dofollow backlinks built manually:

  • High-quality, hand-picked platforms
  • Performance-based payment (for live links only)
  • Platforms with website traffic of 1K+ per month (Ahrefs)
  • Following your DA, anchor requirements
  • Minimum budget of $1000 per month 
  • 100% upfront payment for the first month of work
  • Monthly reports on the live links
  • Per-link pricing
  • Prices depend on the Moz domain authority (DA)
  • 1-year link placement guarantee


If you decide to stop our cooperation, we will stop the new outreach but we will invoice you for already submitted links and guest posts once they get published until all of them are live.

Ready to start?

Getting started is simple. Here’s what we’ll need you to do: 

  • Fill out our link building brief
  • Share a list of URLs we should promote with backlinks
  • Share requirements (if any) to the anchor text
  • Share requirements (if any) for the platforms that will be linking back to the website
  • Tell us more about your SaaS product in a kick-off call

Not sure about the URL targets or link volume?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee a certain number of links per month

No, we depend on our partners (they can only include a link to an article when it’s relevant to the content), and editors (there’s an editorial schedule for every post) therefore, we may not spend the entire budget on certain months.

What happens when you don’t use up the budget / overspend the budget on a given month?

We’ll use your budget as a benchmark and operate around this number. Example scenario: monthly budget is $1000. We didn’t have enough relevant opportunities over a certain month so we’ve obtained three backlinks. Next month, however, we have more opportunities so we will deliver four backlinks

My link got deleted, what do I do?

Sometimes companies owning the websites we build links from are going through M&A and bankruptcy or website restructuring. Unfortunately, such changes are not under our control. At the same time, in a rare case when a link disappears from the website within a year after it was built, we will replace it with a link on another website of a similar DA range.

Are the links dofollow?

Yes, all of the links we build are dofollow.

How can we avoid linking from websites that already link to us?

We check every link opportunity on Ahrefs to make sure your website doesn’t have links from this platform. Please note that Ahrefs doesn’t see 100% of links pointing to your website.

How do you choose the platforms to build links on?

We have a list of criteria that helps us decide whether we proceed with a submission on a given platform or not. Check our SaaS link building guide to understand the criteria we are using. Some of the criteria are relevancy, traffic, domain authority, spam score, the balance of outbound and inbound links. We partner with hundreds of SaaS businesses working on link exchanges so most likely your link is going to be from a SaaS blog.

Can I build links to my landing pages, product pages and homepage?

Building links to landing pages, product pages and homepages is more difficult compared to building links to blog posts. We are working with the editors and writers who add the link to their blogs posts so it’s hard to make a product/landing page relevant unlike the informational/educational blog post. Therefore, our pricing for links to product/landing pages is slightly higher.

Can you do contextual edits in the article?

We try our best to place your links in the most natural way possible. In most cases we do minor contextual edits so it fits the context. There’s a low chance we’ll be able to do a major content rewrite on a third-party website. We can consider working on the guest posting instead if there’s a need for custom content.

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