What is B2B SaaS marketing?

B2B (Business-to-Business) SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing specifically focuses on promoting and selling software services to other businesses rather than individuals. 

A B2B SaaS marketing plan includes strategies and channels designed to attract and retain business clients looking for software solutions to improve their day to day operations or solve problems within the company.

However, even though you are targeting companies and not individuals, you are still selling to people. Just in this case the marketing efforts are directed towards decision-makers within businesses, such as CEOs, executives, managers, or IT professionals, who have the authority to suggest or purchase software solutions.

B2B SaaS marketing targets specific companies and roles within those companies, making it more niche than B2C (Business-to-Consumer) marketing, which targets a broader audience with different roles and preferences.

Another key point is that the decision-making process in businesses is often longer and involves multiple stakeholders, especially if the price is on the higher end. Therefore, B2B SaaS sales cycles can be lengthy, requiring more effort and educational content to guide potential clients toward a purchase decision.

Building long-term relationships is crucial in B2B SaaS marketing. The goal is often to establish ongoing subscriptions and upsell or cross-sell services over time rather than one-time sales or free plans.

The SaaS marketing strategies for B2B have one main goal – justify the purchase through ROI. Businesses look for solutions that provide clear value and return on investment. B2B SaaS marketing emphasizes the software’s ability to solve specific business problems, improve efficiency, or contribute to revenue growth.

As for content, given the complexity and specificity of SaaS products, there’s a stronger emphasis on educational content that helps potential clients understand how the software solves their business challenges. This can include whitepapers, case studies, webinars, and detailed blog posts.

Since the number of B2B clients is often lower than with B2C, there’s a significant focus on customer success, ensuring that clients are satisfied with the purchase and can use the software to effectively achieve their business goals. 

Therefore, marketing efforts don’t end with the purchase. SaaS companies usually offer after-sales support, training, and resources to aid whenever possible.

Two approaches work best for B2B SaaS companies: one is through content marketing, and the other is outbound (cold outreach). With content marketing (with a focus on building your blog), you are casting a wider net and sparking the interest of many B2B companies. 

With educational and data-driven blog posts, you can get in front of numerous companies that are either unaware of the problem your tool is solving or have looked for your competitors’ alternatives. 

With strategic keyword research and SEO optimization, you can take advantage of your expertise and case studies and build authority among other competitors on the web. Content marketing is one of the biggest channels for B2B SaaS these days bringing most of traffic and sign ups for SaaS companies these days.

Cold outreach (or outbound) marketing as well as digital ads and social media marketing are also directions worth exploring. With targeted campaigns you can effectively get leads and boost brand awareness.

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