What is SaaS content writing

SaaS content writing is a subset of content marketing that involves any online written content for businesses that sell software as a service. SaaS marketing materials usually include articles, service pages, and web copy, all with the goal of educating the target audience and promoting the product.

SaaS content writing isn’t just words scattered around the website without any structure or plan. In fact, before typing a word, some steps will ensure your messaging reaches your target audience faster.

For SaaS content writing to be successful (bring in customers), businesses need to create a detailed content plan, content briefs, a link-building strategy and ensure their website is SEO optimized. This is all part of a content marketing strategy.

Usually, business owners don’t write content on their own, but hire a skilled SaaS content writer to transform their messaging into user-friendly and eye-catching content.

A SaaS content writer initially spends time researching the market and competitors to find content gaps and important information for their articles. Their content needs to address the potential software users’ pain points comprehensively and interestingly. 

Every SaaS article should include a product-led section where the writer breaks down the details of the software and focuses on how it helps users solve a problem or replace a solution. These sections are often found in SaaS articles starting with “How to…” Or “ X tool alternatives.”

Usually, SaaS companies give a demo or access to the tool so the SaaS writer can experience it first-hand. It is important for the writer to understand the essence and details of the product, including features, benefits, UI/UX, use cases, user reviews,etc.

A SaaS content writer can be in-house outsourced. Either way, make sure your writer gets all the information and access needed before starting to write. The SaaS content brief the writer gets should have several sections, including:

  • Competitive advantages
  • Pros/Cons of the product
  • Pricing structurem
  • Content type and goal
  • Internal links
  • Tone and style of your brand

The writer should also be able to talk to SEO experts and other team members for data, statistics, case studies, specific information, etc.

SaaS content writing differs from other types of writing because it requires extensive research and experience with testing software. SaaS content should be highly informative, often a bit technical, yet skimmable and relatable for any average user.

Best practices for SaaS content writing

SaaS content writing needs to be educational and persuasive, so  SaaS content writers need to know your target audience and the intent of each target keyword. 

Certain articles will focus on low-funnel keywords targeting individuals or companies unaware of the problem and/or solution, while top-funnel keywords target an audience already familiar with the problem and/or solution and possibly the software alternatives.

Therefore, the first tip would be to adjust your language and topic to your target group and the majority of your audience. Your readers should find the information you “feed them” valuable and relevant, and not under/overwhelming.

The second tip is highlighting the benefits of your software with real-life examples, data and case studies. Readers want to know how your software solves their problems but don’t appear too salesy. Plus, in a world where content writing has become a bit overshadowed with AI writing, original thoughts and experience will make your content stand out from the crowd.

When hiring a SaaS content writer, instead of focusing on AI detectors and a no chatgpt policy, give them company resources to work with, and you will see the best results.

Finally, content writing is a long game. Usually, a new SaaS brand  needs to be patient for the compound effect of their articles to build authority and trust in your niche. That means 4 articles and 1 SEO or content audit won’t bring you much results in the first month, but be consistent and you will see progress building up slowly, but surely.

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