Getting airfocus funding round featured on TechCrunch and Crunchbase

Aleksa Mihailovic

Aleksa Mihailović

Jun 10, 2024

Founded in 2017 in Hamburg, airfocus is a product management platform offering a unique, flexible end-to-end solution. Backed by major venture capitalists, airfocus helps teams globally to build better products faster. The goal of this PR campaign was to announce their successful $7.5 million fundraising round, with a particular focus on getting featured in top tech media outlets, notably TechCrunch.

In 2021, we ran a similar campaign and got airfocus featured in Crunchbase for their $5 million fundraising round. Using the same successful techniques from that campaign, we polished our approach this time to overcome the holiday season challenges and achieve even better results.

The challenge

Before the campaign, airfocus aimed to boost its media presence. Despite having a great product and a convincing story, they needed to stand out in an extremely competitive industry to announce their $7.5 million fundraising achievement.

Strategy and execution

Working closely with airfocus’ marketing manager, we developed a comprehensive PR strategy that included:

  1. Crafting the Press Release: We wrote a clear and complete press release, refined with input from airfocus’ marketing team.
  2. Building a Journalist CRM: We created a detailed CRM to track outreach efforts and interactions with journalists.
  3. Targeted Outreach: We sent emails to 3-5 journalists per outlet, focusing on engaging and informative initial messages.
  4. Persistent Follow-Ups: Despite the holiday season challenges, we maintained regular check-ins and updates to keep the momentum going.

Results and impact

The campaign’s peak achievement was securing a feature in TechCrunch, one of the most influential tech news outlets with 12 million monthly visits and 7 million unique visitors. Although specific metrics for this article weren’t available, the publication on such a large platform definitely boosted airfocus’ media presence.

Overcoming challenges

Starting the campaign in December was challenging due to many journalists being on holiday. Despite these difficulties, we managed to get the press release published within two months. Our persistence and strategic follow-ups, along with regular updates and a determined approach, were key to overcoming these obstacles.

Client interaction and communication

Without regular communication, this would not be possible. We initially crafted the press release by having Malte, airfocus’ CEO, answer all the important questions that we needed to cover.
Effective communication was maintained through daily updates with Malte, ensuring transparency and alignment throughout the campaign. Slack was used for real-time communication, facilitating fast decision-making and strategy adjustments.


The successful PR campaign for airfocus highlights the importance of a strong press release, strategic outreach, and persistent follow-up. Securing a feature in TechCrunch noticeably boosted airfocus’s media visibility, exceeding campaign goals. This case study demonstrates how targeted PR efforts can enhance a brand’s presence.


“The strategic approach and persistent efforts were crucial to our success. The campaign has greatly enhanced our media visibility, setting a strong foundation for continued media engagement and visibility.”
– Malte Scholz, CEO, airfocus

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Aleksa Mihailovic

Aleksa Mihailović

Community Manager

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