SaaS Content Strategy

Let us develop a winning SaaS content strategy that brings you customers 👨‍💻
  • What is a SaaS content strategy?

    A SaaS content strategy is a plan of action designed to attract a relevant audience with the help of content and turn them into loyal customers.

  • Why should you have one?

    Content strategy based on in-depth research helps streamline and visualize your content efforts as well as measure results.

  • How we do it at Quoleady?

    Our content strategists analyze product, competitors & keywords to craft the perfect content plan aimed at generating leads.

What we offer

  • Keyword and industry research
  • Competitor research 
  • Content gap analysis
  • A content plan for six months
  • Title suggestions
  • URL suggestions
  • Monthly reports on progress (if implemented by our team)


We prioritize high-intent keywords in our strategy, as they offer the highest ROI for SaaS companies. Before diving into the writing process, we ensure alignment by getting Client approval on the content plan.

Ready to start?

Getting started is simple. Here’s what we’ll need you to do:

  • Book a call with our team
  • Fill out our Agreement brief
  • Share the list of your top competitors
  • Share a product demo
  • Share ICP information
  • Grant GA4 and GSC access
  • Join our shared Slack channel

Doubts or concerns? 

Book a call with our founder to discuss your content strategy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the initial content strategy?

Yes, we can change the initial content strategy based on your comments and priorities. We also optimize the 6-month strategy over time based on performance and KPIs.

Is the internal link-building plan part of the strategy?

Yes, one tab in our content sheet is dedicated to the internal link-building strategy.

Do we have access to the content strategy at all times?

Yes we are fully transparent with our work and results, so we share our Notion folder with all the documentation with you.

Can we use a competitor's content strategy?

We don’t advise using a competitor’s content strategy since our goal is to outrank your competitors. Whatever they are doing – we should be doing it better than them.Our research helps us identify their best practices and your content gaps, which contributes to the overall content strategy we deliver.

When do we see the first results after implementing the content strategy?

You can see the first results 1-3 months after indexing your first content pieces. However, these are “laying the foundation” results, while early positive results and compound results are clearly noticeable 6-9 months after a continued effort.

What metrics do you use to measure content success?

We track conversions, new keywords, ranking positions, clicks and views. We compile a monthly report with these metrics to inform you on the progress and results.

Do you have examples of successful content strategies you've implemented for SaaS clients in the past?

Yes, you can view our case studies here. We’ve received significant results for our SaaS clients.

Who works on implementing the strategy you develop?

You can work on it in-house or our team can implement the content strategy fully, from research to making content briefs and creating articles, it’s part of our standard content packages. They include SaaS content strategy development, SaaS content writing and SaaS link building. 

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