SaaS Content Marketing Case Study: 500 Leads With 16 Articles in 4 Months for FullSession

Maja Volarevic

Maja Volarević

Jun 23, 2022

The SaaS market is growing by 18% each year, meaning there are a lot of competitors you need to outperform. In addition to providing outstanding customer service and continuously optimizing your product, you need to grow your customer base and retain existing customers to be successful.

One of the goals of any startup is to grow as quickly as possible, converting new users into paying customers. However, it can be quite a challenge when competing with industry giants that have been around for decades and have large budgets.  

Older and bigger companies are usually well-established when it comes to SEO due to their solid backlink profile and the topic expertise they built over the years. It helps them rank better and faster.

On the other hand, new businesses tend to face an uphill battle. They often lack the financial resources, contacts, and experience needed to compete with big companies. It is best to start with content marketing as soon as possible to build a strong foundation for your website and achieve your long-term goals since it takes time to establish a solid online presence and reach the top of SERPs.

In this case study, we will show you how to succeed with your content marketing (even when you start from scratch), choose the right SaaS content marketing strategy, get plenty of organic traffic from Google and convert your visitors into leads without spending a fortune as your competitors do.

But first, let’s introduce our client and explain what type of service FullSession provides.

FullSession helps you build a seamless digital customer experience

FullSession is a web analytics software that includes session recordings and replays, interactive heatmaps, customer feedback forms, and detailed analytics. It helps product owners and product teams gain actionable insights and improve the user experience and customer journey on their websites, web apps, and landing pages.

The starting point

The FullSession website was launched in April 2021 and included only a few blog posts that didn’t generate traffic or leads. It had a DA of 2 and zero backlinks and referring domains.

FullSession domain rating

FullSession report – Ahrefs, April 2021

We began our partnership in September 2021 and worked hard on improving the client’s results. We combined content writing with link building and digital PR services. 

What we have achieved so far

We have an update. Starting January and by September, our content marketing efforts:

  • Increased domain rating from 2 to 49
  • Ranked the website for 1.3K organic keywords
  • Increased blog traffic from 0 to 21,157 highly-targeted users
  • Brought in 1,180 new leads 
  • Increased the number of referring domains from 0 to 220
  • Increased the number of referring pages from 0 to 460


FullSession report – Google Analytics, September 2022

FullSession report – Ahrefs, September 2022

FullSession report – Ahrefs, September 2022

FullSession ahrefs report

FullSession report – Ahrefs, September 2022

How we went from a 1.2% to 10% conversion rate for a blog post?

In August, we went one step further. We experimented with existing articles and got some new ideas on increasing conversions. 

We wanted to test our idea, so we chose the Hotjar alternatives article, rewrote it completely, and increased the number of sign-ups nine times!

What we did:

  • We changed the complete structure of the article
  • To get to the point quicker, we shorten the introduction
  • We included more H2 and H3 throughout the article
  • We changed the descriptions of tools mentioned on our list
  • Each description is now up to 3 sentences long 
  • We removed all watery or generic content
  • We moved all general topics to the FAQ section
  • We included more internal links to low-performing articles
  • We increased the number of CTAs throughout the article

What we achieved:

  1. We got a 241.67% increase in goal competitions and a 164.17% increase in goal conversion rate
  2. For this article, we had 8 conversions in July and 75 in August after the update
  3. Thanks to internal links, all 20 interlinked articles started converting
  4. The total number of goal completions for all articles in this test was 123 in August compared to 36 in July

Now, let’s discuss how we developed our strategy from the beginning.

How we achieved these results

Everyone agrees that content needs to be strategic in today’s digital landscape. We always set a clear strategy that helps us focus on the client’s target audience, determine what content to create, and measure the effectiveness of our efforts. Here’s what we did for FullSession.

1. Market research

We started with thorough research to learn more about the niche, FullSession competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, and positioning in the market. 

We created a list of interesting solutions and started analyzing their websites, blogs, social media, and overall content strategy. We focused on Hotjar, FullStory, Mixpanel, and similar tools that provide web analytics and user behavior tracking service.

2. Defining goals, objectives, and target audience

Once we gained actionable insights, we started defining SMART goals, objectives, and target audience to know where we are going, what we want to achieve, and who we create content for. 

FullSession blog readers are web designers, digital marketers, UX/UI researchers, and product managers, so we needed to create valuable content that addresses their pain points and provides solutions they can implement in their workflow.

3. Auditing existing content and brainstorming content ideas

Once we had a general overview of the client’s competitors, we started analyzing the existing FullSession blog content to make improvements. We checked which keywords were already covered and analyzed the results of the client’s current activities to get new ideas for SaaS content writing

4. Defining topics for our content plan

Since we wanted to achieve the client’s goals as soon as possible, we decided to cover competitors’ keywords and write alternatives, reviews, and comparison articles that belong to the middle of the funnel and are conversion-oriented. 

Here are a few examples of comparison articles we’ve published:

  1. We Tried LogRocket vs FullStory: Here’s Our Feedback
  2. We Tried Hotjar vs Inspectlet: Here’s Our Feedback
  3. We Tried Hotjar vs Mixpanel vs Clicktale: Here’s Our Feedback

When writing the alternative article, we put FullSession as the first alternative and emphasized its benefits. Here is an example:

Also, we wrote a series of product-led articles that had an informational and educational purpose to help our readers learn more about FullSession and understand how it improves their digital customer experience.

Here are a few examples:

We maintained a friendly and conversational tone to sound genuine and engage our readers. We were focused on the article’s readability, so we split our content with headings, subheadings, bullet points, lists, and images, avoiding passive voice and writing in active voice. 

We also included relevant stats and facts with links to sources to support any claim we made, gaining the trust of our readers.

5. Content optimization for search engines

Google is getting more and more advanced. It can now recognize words and meaning, context, and even search intent. Content no longer just consists of essential keywords. You need to write it in a way that Google can understand it.

Our SEO experts carefully optimize each content piece we create so search engines can easily read, index, and understand the FullSession site. Our SEO efforts increased the number of website visitors, generated new leads, and ultimately – increased conversions.

Currently, 10 of our articles are on the first search results page for the target keywords, while others have been steadily increasing their ranking.

6. Boosting domain authority with digital PR and link building

FullSession digital PR and link building

Image source:

With HARO, we sent 70 responses per month to help journalists gather feedback on important topics while mentioning our client as an expert in the industry. It helped us get media coverage on sites like Yahoo and increase the number of backlinks to the FullSession website.

With our SaaS link building efforts, based on established partnerships with SaaS blogs and cooperation with content writers who publish high-quality guest posts for different platforms, we built 35 backlinks to the targeted pages.

What will happen next

We are always happy when our clients grow, and we enjoy each moment working together, proud we can contribute to their overall success. FullSession is preparing new features to launch soon, so we are revising our SaaS content marketing strategy and making new plans to improve our great results.

As a content marketing agency, we see countless businesses struggle with generating traffic and leads through the Blog. The good news is that you can get experts’ help to overcome these issues 

If you are in the SaaS market and want to turn your blog into a lead generation machine, our agency can help you each step of the way. We will create a custom content strategy based on your needs and use our expertise to bring your business to new heights. Book a call with us today to learn what we can do for you.

Maja Volarevic

Maja Volarević

Project Manager and Content Strategist

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