PassKit Case Study: How We Got 876 Leads With 26 Articles in 14 months

Maja Volarevic

Maja Volarević

Jul 03, 2024

PassKit is a top mobile wallet solutions provider that helps companies integrate mobile wallet passes into their business applications and operations.

The platform enables customers to create, distribute, and manage digital passes for various use cases, such as loyalty and membership programs. 

Designed to be user-friendly, scalable, and secure, PassKit serves businesses of all sizes and provides multi-channel distribution, data collection, and redemption tracking features.

At Quoleady, we have been collaborating with the PassKit team for four years. During this time, we have successfully boosted their organic traffic and efficiently converted website visitors into leads and customers.

It’s important to note that PassKit solely relies on our SaaS marketing plan for boosting their product’s impact.

In this case study, we will show you how we achieved significant success for PassKit by generating 876 leads with 26 articles in 14 months.

Let’s begin.

The starting point

We started with our SaaS SEO services in 2021. At that time, PassKit had a Domain Authority (DA) of 41 and 374 backlinks and referring domains. 

Image source: Moz

Image source: Ahrefs

The PassKit team had already published blog posts on their website, but we identified areas for improvement, including discovering more relevant keywords and topics, SEO optimization, and link building.

We faced an initial challenge – the conversion tracking was not set up, which prevented us from accurately assessing the impact of their existing articles. 

To tackle this issue, we set up conversions in G4, which enabled us to evaluate our marketing efforts more effectively.

What we have achieved so far

By June 2024, with 26 articles, our SaaS content marketing strategy:

  • Increased the domain rating from 41 to 65

Image source: Ahrefs

  • Ranked the website for 6,343 organic keywords

Image source: Ahrefs

  • Increased blog traffic to 368,009 highly-targeted visits

Image source: G4

  • Brought in 876 new leads in 14 months

Image source: G4

  • Increased the number of referring domains from 499 to 847

Image source: Ahrefs

  • Increased the number of backlinks to 2,800

Image source: Ahrefs

How we achieved these results

Achieving success in content marketing requires a strategic approach that includes thorough research, clear goal-setting, and careful execution. 

Our objective for PassKit was to improve its online presence, drive organic traffic, and generate leads and signups through high-quality content. 

Below, we outline our methods for achieving these goals, explaining each step of our comprehensive B2B inbound marketing strategy.

Market and competitor research

Our first step was to conduct thorough market and competitor research. We analyzed the current market trends and identified key players in the mobile wallet solutions industry. 

We assessed their strengths, weaknesses, and content strategies on all digital channels to discover opportunities for differentiation. This helped us understand the kind of content that appealed to our target audience and the areas where we could add value through our content creation.

Defining goals, objectives, and target audience

With a clear understanding of the market, we outlined our goals and objectives, such as acquiring a certain number of leads within a defined timeframe. 

Identifying our target audience was crucial at this point. PassKit blog readers are small business owners from diverse industries.  

They are interested in using mobile wallet solutions, starting loyalty or membership programs, and implementing digital passes. However, they don’t know how to begin. 

Therefore, we prioritized addressing their main pain points while highlighting why PassKit is the best solution for their requirements.

Auditing existing content and brainstorming content ideas

Next, we conducted a comprehensive SaaS content audit to evaluate the results of PassKit’s existing content. It helped us identify what was working well and what needed improvement. 

We examined metrics such as traffic, engagement, and conversion rates to assess the performance of each piece of content.

This analysis led us to generate new content ideas that match our objectives and address any shortcomings in the current content collection.

This approach ensured that our SaaS content marketing strategy was both data-driven and innovative.

Conducting extensive keyword research analysis

SaaS keyword research was a crucial part of our strategy. We conducted a thorough analysis to identify high-value keywords relevant to PassKit’s services. 

We used tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ahrefs to discover keywords with high search volume and minimal competition.

Additionally, we used Ahrefs’ content gap feature to evaluate the keywords for which our competitors are ranking but PassKit isn’t, using this insight to create fresh content for the website.

Defining topics for our content plan

We developed a detailed content plan based on our keyword research, selecting relevant topics aligned with our primary keywords and addressing the needs and interests of our audience.

For example, we evaluated competitors, explaining why PassKit is the best solution on the list:

We showed customers how to use PassKit features with a series of product-led articles:

  1. Digital Membership Cards – How to Create One for Your Business
  2. Loyalty Card Design: All Essential Details You Need to Include
  3. 9 Reasons to Use Digital Tickets in Your Event Planning
  4. Digital Membership Card App: The Benefits and Features

We made product listicles to help readers choose the best software for their needs while explaining the key PassKit’s benefits:

We also focused on the additional benefits of PassKit’s platform and created blog posts showcasing additional features:

  1. Zapier Automation for Passkit Membership Programs: How It Works
  2. 3 Best Mailchimp Integrations for Membership Program Management

Each topic was carefully chosen to provide valuable information, solve problems, or offer insights related to mobile wallet solutions.

This strategic approach ensured our content was relevant and engaging, driving higher traffic and conversions.

Content optimization for search engines

Creating high-quality content was just the beginning; optimizing it for search engines was equally important. 

We implemented on-page SEO best practices to ensure search engines could quickly discover our blog posts. We have optimized title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and image alt texts with our target keywords. 

We also implemented LSI keywords into the content.

We also focused on creating compelling and informative content that gave readers value, encouraging longer page visits and lower bounce rates. 

Additionally, we ensured that the website was mobile-friendly and had fast loading times, both critical factors for SEO success.

Internal and external linking played a significant role in our content strategy.

Internally, we linked relevant articles and resources within PassKit’s website to create a cohesive user experience and improve site navigation. We implemented more than 15 internal links per piece.

This helped keep visitors engaged and allowed search engines to better understand our content’s structure and relevance.

Our link building team acquired only 35 high-quality backlinks from reputable industry websites. These backlinks endorsed PassKit’s credibility and authority, further boosting our SEO efforts.

What will happen next

Looking ahead, we anticipate greater success with our content marketing efforts. PassKit’s team includes dedicated SEO members, and together, we strive to achieve top rankings in the niche on search engine results pages (SERP).

Many businesses struggle to drive traffic and generate leads through their company blogs. Fortunately, seeking help from experts can overcome these challenges.

Our SaaS content marketing agency provides comprehensive assistance for SaaS businesses looking to turn their blogs into effective lead generation tools.

We will create a customized content strategy to meet your needs and use our expertise to enhance your content marketing efforts.

Schedule a call today to discover how we can help you.

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