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Olga Mykhoparkina

Oct 05, 2022

RingBlaze is an innovative business phone system for sales and support teams. When we started our work together, RingBlaze had just a few articles on the blog that didn’t bring any traffic or leads. There were only a handful of backlinks pointing to the domain, the DA of 8 and no acquisition channels that worked at the time. 

We started our cooperation last year and in just a few months RingBlaze started seeing the first sign ups. So far our content marketing efforts brought in 650 leads and increased the blog traffic from 0 to 50K

RingBlaze blog traffic changesRingBlaze blog traffic changes

Making use of competitors’ keywords

We went with high-intent SaaS content marketing strategy.We’ve done a thorough market research to see what’s the best way to tackle the content marketing in the niche. As a result, we’ve discovered lots of competitors with established branding like RingCentral, Grasshopper, Vonage and many more. 

On a mission to deliver the results to our client as fast as possible, we’ve settled on writing a series of articles that covered competitors’ alternatives and comparisons.

Here are some of the examples of the articles we’ve published:





Obviously, we put RingBlaze as #1 alternative in the ‘alternative’ posts as well as mentioned RingBlaze benefits in the ‘vs’ posts. 

Keeping the friendly tone of the articles

So much content out there seems dry and heartless to me. We try to sound real and human in our articles keeping the conversational style of our writing. 

An article excerpt from RingBlaze blog

An article excerpt from RingBlaze blog

We also made sure to make an article easy-to-read and easy-to-skim by breaking it into short digestible paragraphs, putting important words and phrases in bold, adding plenty of white space and images in the text. You can read more about best practices of SaaS content writing on our blog.

Displaying featured snippets

We made sure to format the article in a Featured snippet-friendly way so our lists would be displayed in Google search:
Featured snippet ringblaze

Building domain authority

We were sending 70 HARO answers per month which brought us 60 backlinks and helped us strengthen the domain authority. In five months we went from 8 to 30 Moz DA. Moreover, as a nice side effect we got featured on Wall Street Journal that even brought some direct leads to the client’s doors. 

Building backlinks to the articles

No matter how great the articles are they need some link love. That’s where our SaaS SEO agency resorted to guest post links and link partnerships. Overall, we published 50 guest posts and built 35 backlinks to the target pages.

As one of the best SaaS marketing agencies, we take link building seriously and don’t use content mills or link farms that look more like link cemeteries to me. Instead, all of our link building processes are based on partnerships, smart A-B-C exchanges and manual outreach.

This allowed us to significantly grow the backlink profile for RingBlaze.com.

backlink profile ringblaze

Backlink profile, RingBlaze

In the end

Despite the limited budgets we were able to get the most ROI possible for RingBlaze making use of competitors’ keywords. The combination of smart link building strategy and quality content resulted in just what the client was looking for – getting plenty of beta testers onboard as well as building a lead generation machine via content marketing.

The Traffic value of RingBlaze in Ahrefs

According to Ahrefs the Traffic value of RingBlaze is now $29K per month. That’s how much money they would’ve had to spend on Google ads to receive the same amount of traffic. Needless to say, RingBlaze only spends a fraction of this amount for our services. It’s another reminder to think twice when choosing between ads and organic search

What’s next for RingBlaze?

At some point Dennis (the founder) reached out asking to slow down as they don’t have time to handle all of the leads. The mobile app is getting ready and should be launched in June, something most of their customers are looking forward to with anticipation. This is when we’ll double down on our marketing efforts and bring RingBlaze to the new heights ?

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Olga Mykhoparkina

Founder, CEO

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