Top 11 SaaS SEO Agencies in 2024

Maja Volarevic

Maja Volarević

Mar 20, 2024

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a game-changing strategy for SaaS companies looking to grow their brand awareness and attract customers. 

34% of B2B marketers attribute most of their leads and sales to SEO, with the potential ROI reaching an impressive 12.2 times the marketing spend

However, with hundreds of agencies promising the best SaaS SEO services in 2024, it takes time to cut through the noise and find the right partner.

When it comes to SEO, partnering with an agency can be a long-term commitment since getting results takes time. But how can you determine if an agency is the right fit for your needs?

It’s a difficult choice for a SaaS company. 

That’s why we decided to save you time and provide a detailed overview of the top SaaS SEO agencies that help businesses like yours increase traffic, generate leads, and boost conversions.

10 best SaaS SEO agencies right now

The following SaaS SEO companies can meet your requirements and help your products stand out in a competitive market. Continue reading to learn more about their top-notch SaaS SEO services.

1. Quoleady

Quoleady content marketing and SEO agency

Quoleady is an SEO B2B content marketing agency that’s a perfect fit for B2B SaaS companies. Their focus is on driving sign ups through the client’s SaaS blog by prioritizing the bottom-of-the-funnel content with a high potential for conversion and optimizing it for SEO. 

Their remote team has been on the market for 4+ years helping well-known SaaS clients with growth through SEO content. 

You can book a free call with the founder and get SEO content marketing advice for your SaaS, brainstorm your SEO strategy or review your existing content strategy together.

Key services

  • On-site SEO audit and recommendations to set your site up for success
  • SEO content marketing strategy to attract and engage the target audience
  • Content creation to convert readers into customers and enhance brand authority
  • Link building for improving search rankings and online visibility
  • Digital PR for increasing online presence and credibility
  • Content updating and optimization to maintain relevance and improve search engine rankings
  • Premium content placement on platforms like Forbes and Entrepreneur for increased exposure 

Notable clients

Expandi, Pandadoc,, airfocus, SemRush, GetVoip   


Quoleady results

Image source: Founders’ Hustle

  1. Got Expandi from 0 to $8M ARR in a couple of years
  2. 50K visits and 650 leads with 20 articles for RingBlaze
  3. 500 leads with 16 articles in 4 months for FullSession
  4. From 0 to 4.5K+ in 6 months with ResponseScribe 


Quoleady pricing

As each SaaS business has unique needs, Quoleady offers flexible pricing models. You can choose one of the packages on their website or ask for a custom package where the team will help you get the most ROI of your budget. 

  • Content packages: From $1990/month 
  • Content writing: From $1,500/month
  • Content/SEO consulting: From $1,000/month 
  • Quality link building: From $250/link

Check out all the details on the pricing page.

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MADX SaaS SEO agency

MADX is your go-to agency when you’re looking to boost your SaaS company’s digital presence. With a skilled team that brings a collective 18 years of experience in digital marketing, you can trust MADX to help increase your traffic and revenue through their specialization in SEO and paid media.

Key services

  • SEO strategy with comprehensive SEO plans 
  • PPC campaigns to place you at the forefront of the market
  • Content marketing for engaging your audience
  • Link building to enhance your site’s authority
  • Technical SEO to ensure your website is optimized for search engines

Notable clients

Postalytics, Good Annotations, Parcel Tracker, and Longvadon.


  1. 300 new backlinks for Good Annotations in 90 days
  2. 277% organic site traffic increase for Longvadon
  3. 81,000 organic monthly visitors for Postalytics


MADX pricing

MADX offers four pricing plans for their customers. However, they do not disclose the pricing details on their official website.

3. Search Nurture

Search Nurture digital marketing agency

Search Nurture is a digital marketing agency that delivers results for B2B tech companies and eCommerce growth for retail CPG brands. 

With a software-empowered approach, Search Nurture prides itself on its ability to combine technical expertise with creative strategies to drive organic growth and improve clients’ online visibility.

Key services

  • SEO Strategy for B2B, SaaS, and consumer goods companies
  • Paid Media, including PPC campaigns, display ads, and social media advertising
  • Content marketing to drive profitable customer action
  • Retail marketing to increase your product’s online and in-store presence

Notable clients

Intercom, Tailwind, and CloudTrucks.


  1. 82% new sessions for Tailwind
  2. Top 10 positions increase by 5066% for Gentem Health


Pricing information is not available on the official website, but according to Clutch, their services range from $10,000 to $49,000 per project.

4. GrowthMate

GrowthMate website

GrowthMate is a white-hat link-building agency that uses relationship-based strategies to help clients grow in SERPs and generate more revenue. Their client base is proof of their expertise, which significantly boosts brand visibility and revenue for major companies.

Their main focus is building links, which boosts a website’s Domain rating (DR). They build links from reputable SaaS and service websites, maintaining an average Domain Rating (DR) of 72. 

They provide an all-in-one dashboard to track link progress, keyword position growth, and monthly budgets. Regardless of the client’s requirements, they deliver backlinks from sites with a minimum Domain Rating (DR) of 50. They also cover lost or “nofollow” links if such do occur.

Their guest posts are published on top platforms like HubSpot, Smashing Magazine, G2, Freshdesk, and 100+ more, demonstrating their broad reach and industry recognition.

Key Services:

  • High-Quality link building 
  • Link-Building Strategy 
  • Guest Post Content Creation
  • Keyword Position Tracking

Notable Clients:
Modash, Coupler, Semrush, Cloudtalk, Coefficient, Omniscient Digital


  • They boosted Alex Birkett’s site’s DR from 55 to 67 and increased ‌monthly traffic from 5,000 to 40,000 visits.
  • Propelled Community Phone to the top three positions for key industry keywords, resulting in a 100% increase in organic traffic and record-breaking sales month after month.
  • Got featured in top platforms like HubSpot, Smashing Magazine, G2, Freshdesk.

GrowthMate does not mention its pricing information on the website. You can contact them via email or built-in chat to reach out to the agency for further details.

5. SEO Growth Partners

SEO Growth Partners SaaS SEO agency

SEO Growth Partners is a trusted company that combines search engine optimization with data analytics to exceed its clients’ ambitious revenue goals. This result-oriented agency caters to businesses looking to improve their online presence and organic search performance.

Key services

  • SEO strategies to enhance visibility and organic search rankings
  • Competitor and market analysis to identify opportunities for differentiation and growth
  • Content creation to drive engagement and establish thought leadership
  • Landing page creation with a focus on conversion optimization
  • Backlink toxicity audit to identify and address backlinks that could harm search engine rankings
  • Technical SEO to ensure websites are fully optimized for search engine algorithms
  • PR for SEO to gain high-quality backlinks and media mentions from reputable sources

Notable clients

ZenSports, Trusted Nurse Staffing, and Pacific Clinic of Natural Medicine. 


  1. 2,400+ organic visitors per month and over $3,000 in sales for Silver Lining Scrubs
  2. 66% increase in phone calls and 117% increase in website traffic for the Pacific Clinic of Natural Medicine
  3. 500 organic website visitors for ZenSports 


SEO Growth Partners pricing

SEO Growth Partners offers three pricing packages with multiple options under each package:

  1. Audits and discovery: From $975 to $4,175
  2. Local SEO: From $879 per location per month to $2,395 per location per month
  3. Content marketing campaigns: From $499 to $410 for recurring content creation

6. Growthner

Growthner SaaS SEO agency

Growthner is a marketing agency specializing in SEO for startup and enterprise SaaS companies. Their main focus is improving your website’s organic traffic and keyword rankings, attracting new customers, and increasing sales. 

Key services

  • SEO management, including keyword research, content modeling, on-page and conversion rate optimization 
  • Link building strategy with personalized outreach campaign
  • SEO content with topic research and scalable content production system

Notable clients

DocHipo, Sketchnote and


There are no results mentioned on Growthner’s official website.


Growthner doesn’t share pricing details on the official website. According to Clutch, the minimum cost for a project is $1,000.

7. Skale

Skale SaaS SEO agency

Skale is a performance-driven international SEO agency that specializes in working with B2B SaaS brands. The agency is dedicated to driving revenue growth and conversions through a data-centric approach to SEO. 

Skale sets itself apart by focusing on increasing monthly recurring revenue (MRR) for its clients, rather than just clicks.

Key services

  • SEO management to ensure optimal performance and alignment with business objectives
  • SEO content to engage the target audience
  • SEO website migrations for preserving SEO equity during domain or platform changes
  • Link building to strengthen a website’s domain authority

Notable clients

UserZoom, MoonPay and Lightspeed.


  1. 2x customer signups from non-branded SEO for Rezi
  2. 2x increase in signup conversion rate for Maze
  3. 70,000 organic signups for Skale


There is no pricing information available on the official website.

8. Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye SEO and content marketing agency

Marketing Eye helps medium-sized businesses by offering an end-to-end marketing solution that aligns with their business plan. They provide various services such as graphic design, branding, social media, PR, and more.

Companies can outsource SaaS SEO and have an experienced marketing manager lead the project.

Key services

  • SEO to ensure ranking for relevant keywords and phrases
  • Content management, including keyword research, blog writing and editorial calendars 
  • Website copywriting to drive traffic and conversions

Notable clients

Soltech, Intercax and ViewDS.


There is no information about results on the official website.


Marketing Eye pricing

Marketing Eye offers three marketing packages:

  1. Standard for $5,000 with 12-month contract
  2. Marketing strategy for $5,000
  3. Website development for $7,950

9. Breeeze

Breeze SaaS SEO agency

Breeeze has positioned itself as a skilled player in the SEO industry, primarily catering to SaaS businesses. Their tailored approaches aim to amplify your digital presence and drive growth specific to your niche in the software market.

Key services

  • HARO link building to secure high-quality backlinks from authoritative news sites
  • SaaS link building to improve search rankings and drive targeted traffic
  • Technical SEO to ensure that clients’ websites are fully optimized for search engines
  • SEO content writing to support the client’s overall SEO strategy
  • SEO management to continually improve search engine rankings and organic traffic

Notable clients

Shopify, Asana and ActiveCampaign.


  1. Increased organic traffic value from $17,000 to $73,000 per month for Arielle
  2. Drove $4,000,000+ of the organic pipeline value for Inbeat
  3. Drove $2,000,000 in organic pipeline value for Content Allies


There is no pricing information on the official website.

10. Embarque

Embarque SaaS SEO agencies

Embarque is a SaaS SEO agency that offers dynamic solutions to help your business grow its customer base. Their methods improve your online presence and ensure consistent organic growth. 

They can provide native English SEO writers and specialists for a fraction of the cost, helping you create product-centric content and build backlinks to boost your rankings.

Key services

  • SEO management with content audit, keyword research, blog writing, and content republishing
  • Link building from niche edits to guest posting
  • Landing pages for high-intent keywords
  • Local SEO to get on the first page for local queries

Notable clients

VEED, Riverside and EmailOctopus.


  1. 60,000 monthly organic visitors in 6 months for SignHouse
  2. 4x increase in organic traffic for Upscribe
  3. 300% increase in MRR for CleanVoice 


Embarque pricing

Embarque offers five pricing plans, each of which includes a different set of services:

  1. Blended (content + backlinks): From $1,300/month to $2,500/month
  2. SEO content: From $800/month to $2,500/month
  3. Backlinks: From $1,300/month to $2,500/month
  4. Full SEO team: From $2,800/month
  5. SEO rewriting and editing: From $570/month to $1,100/month

11. Directive Consulting

Directive Consulting performance marketing agency

Directive Consulting is a performance marketing agency that specializes in Customer Generation for software companies. They focus on aligning with clients’ sales teams to deliver leads that have a higher likelihood of converting into customers. 

Directive Consulting prides itself on creating data-driven strategies tailored to the unique needs of each client, with a commitment to transparency and delivering results.

Key services

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase organic search visibility and drive high-quality traffic to their client’s website
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) with a focus on optimizing conversion rates and reducing cost per acquisition
  • Content marketing to engage prospects throughout the buyer’s journey
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to increase traffic conversion into leads

Notable clients

Uber Freight, Calendly and Supermetrics.


  1. 39% increase in new users from direct traffic for Sumo Logic
  2. 50,6% improvement in the average position of core keywords for Seagate Technology
  3. 46% increase in organic conversions for Vyond


Directive Consulting pricing

Directive Consulting offers a tech startup package for $5,750/month, which includes: 

  1. Research and strategy
  2. Paid media
  3. SEO and discoverability
  4. Creative and CRO
  5. Reporting and analysis

How the best SaaS SEO agencies compare

SaaS SEO agencies have different areas of expertise and work with various clients. While some excel at technical SEO, others may focus more on establishing your brand visibility. 

Before choosing the best SaaS SEO agency, ensure it has a solid SaaS SEO growth strategy tailored to your requirements. 

We’ve included a quick comparison to help you understand where each agency stands regarding its services and strengths.

ExpertiseNotable clientsPricingFree services
QuoleadySaaS SEO strategy, content writing, link building, digital PR, SEO consultingExpandi, Pandadoc,, SemRush, airfocusStarts at $1000 for SEO content guidance and consultingFree content strategy call
MADXSEO and paid mediaPostalytics, Good Annotations, Parcel TrackerN/AFree SaaS SEO guide
Search NurturePaid media, SEO, retail advertisingIntercom, Tailwind, and CloudTrucks.N/ANo
SEO Growth PartnersData-centric SEO strategiesZenSports, Trusted Nurse Staffing, and Pacific Clinic of Natural MedicineStarts at $499 for recurring content creationFree SEO education and guides
GrowthnerSEO for startup and enterprise SaaSDocHipo, Sketchnote and enthu.aiN/ANo
SkaleSEO management, website migration and link buildingUserZoom, MoonPay and LightspeedN/ASaaS SEO handbook
Marketing EyeFull-service digital marketing agencySoltech, Intercax and ViewDSStarts at $5,000 No
BreezeSEO and link buildingShopify, Asana and ActiveCampaignN/AFree strategy call and high-level SEO audit
EmbarqueSEO and link buildingVEED, Riverside and EmailOctopusStarts at $1,300 per month for content and backlinksFree mini audit call
Directive ConsultingSEO, PPC and CROUber Freight, Calendly and SupermetricTech startup package for $5,750/monthNo

Which SaaS SEO agency should you choose?

Choosing the right SaaS SEO agency can be a game-changer for your brand’s online presence. Consider the following factors to select the agency that aligns with your objectives:

  • Identify your goals: Are you looking to increase organic traffic, generate leads, or improve conversion rates? Determine what you want to achieve with your SEO efforts. 
  • Agency expertise: Look for agencies with proven experience in the SaaS industry. SaaS SEO experts can better understand your product, market, and target audience.
  • Content quality: Content is king in SEO. The agency should be proficient in creating relevant, high-quality SEO content that resonates with your ideal buyers.
  • Custom strategies: Avoid one-size-fits-all solutions. Your chosen agency should offer customized SEO strategies catering to your business.
  • Performance metrics: The marketing agency should use clear metrics to track the success of its SEO efforts, allowing for transparency and timely campaign optimization.

Partner with an agency that practices what it preaches – look for a solid, organic online presence as proof of its capabilities.

Finally, review case studies or client testimonials to gauge an agency’s performance. It can offer insights into their ability to deliver results for SaaS brands like yours.

What SaaS companies need to know

Let’s answer some essential questions SaaS businesses frequently ask.

What is SaaS SEO?

SaaS SEO is a strategic approach to improve your website’s visibility on search engines and attract potential customers who will likely use your product or subscribe to your services.

What is a SaaS SEO agency?

A SaaS SEO agency provides search engine optimization services for SaaS businesses. 

They focus on creating and executing SEO strategies to improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

Why does SEO strategy matter for SaaS?

An effective SEO strategy can lead to sustainable growth for your SaaS company beyond paid channels.

It helps attract more qualified leads and positions your company as an authority in your niche.

When do SaaS SEO results show?

SEO results for SaaS businesses can take a few months to show. It’s a long-term strategy, so you need to be patient while waiting for organic rankings to improve.

How to choose a SaaS SEO agency?

Selecting the right SaaS SEO agency involves a few important steps:

  • Check their experience with SaaS clients
  • Evaluate their understanding of the SaaS business model
  • Consider the success they’ve had in increasing organic traffic
  • Ensure they offer comprehensive tracking to help you improve your ROI


When choosing the best SaaS SEO agency, ensure they share your goals and have the necessary content creation, link building and technical SEO expertise to support your SaaS company’s growth.

  1. Prioritize agencies that offer customized solutions to meet your unique requirements
  2. Evaluate their past performance in improving organic traffic in a similar niche
  3. Choose partners who are skilled in optimizing conversion rates
  4. Confirm they have transparent communication and a workflow model that aligns with your internal processes

Your ideal SEO growth partner should improve your online presence and fit well with your company culture and long-term vision. 

Our list is a great starting point for your research. If you need help along the way, book a call with Olga, our founder. She is always happy to chat and provide guidance to help you succeed.

Maja Volarevic

Maja Volarević

Project Manager and Content Strategist

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