How ResponseScribe Went From 0 to 4.62k Clicks in 6 Months (With a New Domain)

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Milica Ugrenovic

Feb 20, 2024

Quoleady and ResponseScribe case study

ResponseScribe is an AI-powered review response service built for local businesses. When they reached out to us in a community called GrowthMentor, they launched a new brand with an entirely new domain and have been searching for help with content marketing and SEO.

With their previous brands, they had a saas content marketing strategy but hadn’t really looked into creating a data-driven content marketing approach and needed our help. 

Apart from the data-based approach, which implies consistent results and transparent metrics, one of their main expectations was “clear communication”.

To meet these expectations, we compiled a detailed 6-month plan based on thorough market and competitor research, wrote detailed content briefs for each article, SEO optimized their expertly written content, interlined articles, picked up third-party links manually and slowly but surely built domain authority around their most important topics.

We communicated everything through our shared Notion folder, active Slack channel and regular meetings.

Let’s see exactly how we got from 0 to 4.62k clicks.

Start date: July 2023

We started working in Q4 of 2023 with a thorough competitor and product research, which resulted in a data-driven 6-month content strategy.

Content writing

The initial outcome consisted of:

  • 24 blog topics (four long-form blog articles per month)
  • One content cluster
  • Inbound link-building strategy
  • Outbound link-building strategy
  • Tech SEO audit and recommendations

Initially, we started off with topics around ResponseScribe high-intent alternative keywords. After thorough research, we found out which competitors their target audience was using and used content to compare ResponseScribe with those tools.

Examples of articles:


We focused on leveraging ResponseScribe in-house content writers who had experience responding to customer reviews (their niche), and their own materials to make user-centric content. With a proper balance of SEO optimization and user-friendly content, we managed to spark interest.

With the content strategy, we made a linking spreadsheet tab and linked all articles together properly. We didn’t stuff interlinks but used only relevant links so Google could understand the structure and hierarchy of the website, making it easier to crawl and index our content. 

When one page of a website links to another, it passes a portion of its authority (or we call it “link juice”) to the linked page. This helped us distribute authority throughout the website, strengthening the overall domain authority and potentially helping boost the rankings of individual pages in search results.

Plus, readers can easily navigate through the website and find relevant information by seamlessly moving from one page to the other.

As for link building, we picked up third-party links manually and within a selected context, without link graveyards and harmful/irrelevant content.

We prioritized quality over quantity. By securing links from respected and relevant websites, we steadily increased the likelihood of improving ResponseScribe’s authority and credibility in the eyes of Google.

The result was – we attracted targeted traffic to ResponseScribe’s site, aka readers that are considered their target audience.

SEO recommendations

As SEO and content marketing go hand in hand, we provided a mini SEO audit with concrete and actionable recommendations for improving ResponseScribe’s website. The comprehensive list included:

  • Fixing tech issues on the site (speed time, 404 pages, mobile friendliness, breadcrumbs, pagination, code errors)
  • Adding CTAs 
  • Optimizing data (meta titles, descriptions, FAQ and article schema)
  • Compressing images

With this personalized checklist, ResponseScribe boosted SEO efforts, increasing engagement, conversions and brand authority.

First results

After 3 months (6 published articles at that point, and built 9 links) we went from 0 to 6 clicks and from 0 to 1.62K impressions. 

first results on google search console for ResponseScribe after 3 months

Even though we ranked for only 6 keywords, the domain authority went up to 6 and page authority up to 9.  

first results on Ahrefs for ResponseScribe after 3 months
first results for domain and page authority for ResponseScribe after 3 months

Now, we had a clear vision of what the target audience was reacting to, and we focused on building a cluster around an article that performed the best.

By building a domain authority around the selected topic, we signal to Google that ResponseScribe is a credible and trustworthy source of information for review responses. We also increased the likelihood of ranking higher in search results for related keywords.


Currently (after 6 months) 

After six months (total of 24 articles and 16 links), ResponseScribe has 4.62K clicks and 394K impressions.

Domain authority went up to 11 and page authority to 15.

It is worth mentioning that the number of clicks increased 3 times compared to the previous month.

results on google search console for ResponseScribe after 6 months
results on domain authority for ResponseScribe after 6 months

Our articles have 9 – 14 PA, and we got 6 featured snippets.

results on page authority and featued snippets for ResponseScribe after 6 months

Here is an example of a featured snippet:

an example of a featured snippet we got for responsescribe

Last but not least, our progress is reflected in the number of keywords, which is 1,397 at the moment of writing this case study.

results on Ahrefs for ResponseScribe after 6 months

Comparison table

ResponseScribeStartAfter 3 monthsAfter 6 months
Domain authority0611
Page authority0915


Did we live up to ResponseScribe’s expectations?

With monthly detailed reports, a shared Notion folder, and regular check-ins through our Slack channel and Zoom, we managed to keep our communication clear and transparent.

Cobi Emery, the Head of Growth at ResponseScribe said:

“A unique differentiator about the Quoleady team is the communication. We worked with dozens of agencies over the years, and the communication started off strong, but the quality drops over time. But to be honest, that couldn't be further from the truth with our experience with Quoleady.”

Does Cobi recommend working with Quoleady?

Take a look at Cobi Emery, the Head of Growth at ResponseScribe, talking about his experience with Quoleady:

What is next for ResponseScribe?

They plan on blending their two brands and migrating into one website. We are starting the process of migration and maintaining our SEO efforts. We will set up GA4 for ResponseScribe to properly track conversions, and will update these case study afterwards.

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