Case Study: from 0 to 60k Traffic per Month for Effy AI with Long Tail Keywords

Iryna Kutnyak

Iryna Kutnyak

May 23, 2024
Effy Google Search Console monthly stats

Effy AI offers powerful 360 feedback and performance review software designed to help organizations improve their performance management processes. Their tools are used across various industries to facilitate comprehensive feedback and streamline performance evaluations, promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

The сhallenge

Effy AI had launched a new website and was looking to drive organic traffic and generate leads through their blog. They discovered our services organically on LinkedIn and reached out to our founder. Initially, Effy AI wanted us to produce 3-4 articles per month while they handled the general strategy in-house. We provided initial SEO guidance and best practices for content and keyword research and wrote SEO-optimized content tailored to their niche.

Our game plan

  • SEO guidance & content creation: We began with shorter articles to target specific keywords. Once these articles were indexed and ranking well, we expanded them, adding visuals and more in-depth content. This approach ensured that we maximized the impact of each piece of content.
  • Internal linking & content pillars: By creating niche-specific content pillars with strong internal linking, we made navigation easy and helped Google understand the site’s structure. This strategy involved developing comprehensive pillar content that addressed broad topics and supporting it with detailed cluster content.
  • Targeting long-tail keywords: The HR SaaS space is quite competitive, so we focused on small-volume, long-tail keywords that are less competitive to target Effy AI’s precise audience, ensuring a clear domain authority without broad topics. This approach helped Effy AI rank for highly specific searches, driving qualified traffic to their site.
  • Content creation: Our SaaS copywriters created product-led content that demonstrated how Effy AI’s software could solve real-world problems, but we also worked on demand-checking articles before Effy AI developed specific features, with 135 new articles in total over 2.5 years. 
  • Content updates: Creating content shouldn’t be a one-and-done deal, so we regularly refresh it by updating outdated information or adding Surfer terms, FAQs, new sections, etc. 
  • Link-building: We implemented strategies like contextual link inserts, guest posts, and HARO outreach to build quality backlinks. This helped improve Effy AI’s domain authority and search engine rankings.
Ahrefs metrics for Effy organic search

Gradual results

The journey to achieving substantial organic traffic was gradual but steady. Here’s a breakdown of the progress over time:

  • First 6 Months: Initial content indexing and ranking, a modest increase in organic traffic.
  • 1 Year: Significant growth in impressions and clicks as more content was published and optimized.
  • 1.5 Years: Implementation of link-building strategies, further boosting domain authority and traffic.
  • 2.5 Years: Reached 2 million impressions and 60,000 clicks per month, with a 1% conversion rate (around 600 people, of which around 20% became users).

This steady growth highlights the importance of consistent content production, optimization, and strategic link-building.

Long-tail keywords examples

  1. “project kick-off meeting agenda template”
  2. “interpersonal skills performance review”
  3. “5 languages of appreciation in the workplace”
  4. “quantity of work performance review phrases”
  5. “performance review software for small companies”

These keywords are highly specific, targeting Effy AI’s niche audience effectively.

Content pillars examples

  1. 360 feedback:
  2. Performance review:
  3. Development plan:

These pillars and clusters ensure comprehensive coverage of each topic, making it easier for users to navigate and for search engines to understand the site’s structure.

Content pillars structure

Effy AI’s take

“In our 2.5-year collaboration, Quoleady helped us grow from zero to almost 2 million impressions and 60,000 organic clicks per month to our website. Quoleady’s expertise and dedication make them a standout content marketing partner.”

Effy testimonial

Effy AI was delighted with the collaboration, praising our experience and the results we achieved together.

Quick overview of the provided services

To learn more about the services we provided to Effy AI, follow the links:

Challenges and how we overcame them

Effy AI faced several challenges, including the need to build domain authority from scratch in the insanely competitive HR space and adapt to changing SEO algorithms. We tackled these issues by maintaining a flexible strategy, continuously monitoring performance, and making data-driven adjustments. Our test-and-adjust approach allowed us to refine our tactics and maximize results.

Client interaction and communication

Effective communication was key to making our Effy project successful. We used Notion to keep everything organized and on track, and email to stay in touch. Regular sync messages to discuss tasks and strategy were really important. We didn’t have many calls, but the emails and Notion kept everyone in the loop.

Being transparent and responding quickly helped us build a great working relationship. We worked together like a well-oiled machine and achieved fantastic results. 

Future plans

Looking ahead, Effy AI plans to continue optimizing content and SEO strategy. They will focus on maintaining their impressive growth trajectory by exploring new content opportunities, enhancing existing content, and staying ahead of SEO trends. The goal is to ensure sustained organic growth and increased lead generation.


Our partnership with Effy AI has been really exciting because it shows just how effective a well-planned content marketing and SEO strategy can be. We used our know-how to create awesome content that was super relevant and high-quality. 

And you know what? It totally paid off for Effy AI – their organic traffic and lead generation numbers skyrocketed! We’re excited to continue this journey and look forward to even greater success in the future.

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Iryna Kutnyak

Iryna Kutnyak

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