A SaaS Blog Writing Company: 5 Top Choices & a Hiring Checklist


Katarina Stamenković

Jan 27, 2024

One in five respondents report saving up to $25,000 annually by outsourcing all or part of their marketing. Hiring a SaaS blog writing company can help you save money by letting you focus on your core business while generating new qualified leads with content. 

But it is tricky because there are so many of them, with everybody claiming to produce high-quality content. How do you sift through all that information and find the best one for your business? We hope to narrow down your search as we present our top five choices and a simple hiring checklist you can use.

A SaaS blog writing company: Top 5 choices

Here is a breakdown of our top SaaS blog writing companies and their services.

1. Quoleady

Quoleady content marketing services for SaaS companies

At Quoleady, we help SaaS companies generate leads through content marketing, handling everything from strategy and writing to SEO and link building. Some clients we have worked with include Monday.com, PandaDoc, GetVoip and Expandi. 

Here are the services we offer:

  • Content strategy We research the market and competitors and learn about your product and buying persona. Based on that, we conduct keyword research for your SaaS and create a high-intent content marketing strategy.
  • Content writing Our B2B SaaS writers receive detailed article briefs and write compelling and optimized SaaS content consistent with your brand voice, helping you convert readers into customers.
  • Link building We build high-quality white-hat backlinks to your pages without link farms, content mills and outdated approaches, helping your content rank better and bring more traffic and leads.
  • SaaS content audit We perform content audits where we systematically analyze all the content on your site, detect areas for improvement and help you act on them.
  • Technical SEO audit We detect technical issues with your site and help fix them.
  • Content updates We update your old content to keep it fresh and boost rankings.
  • Forbes & Entrepreneur publications If you want your articles featured on Forbes or Entrepreneur under your name, we’ll get you a membership and handle your content production.
  • GA4 setup This service includes GA and GTM settings audit, creation of GA4 property and basic settings, setting up custom events or micro conversions and configuration of custom definitions.
  • SaaS content marketing consulting We also offer consulting services, whether about your SaaS link building, content strategy, conversion optimization or building a successful content marketing team.

Transparency is one of our core values, so you can read about our methods for getting results on our blog. We believe the results should speak for themselves, so check out our case studies to see:

We are also proud of helping Expandi get from 0 to $7M ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) in a few years. You can read the whole Expandi success story here, where Stefan Smulders, co-founder of Expandi, talks about the six key ingredients to their success, one of which is content marketing.

Content writing pricing:

  • Lite $1500/month 10,000 words/month, writing SEO-optimized blog articles
  • Plus $2000/month – 10,000 words/month, writing + briefs
  • Pro $2500/month – 10,000 words/month, writing + briefs + keyword research + content plan

Content packages pricing:

  • Lite $2990/month 10,000 words/month, $1000 backlinks budget
  • Plus $5690/month 20,000 words/month, $1500 backlinks budget
  • Pro $8290/month 30,000 words/month, $2000 backlinks budget

All content packages include keyword research, detailed article briefs, content writing with internal linking, free stock images and Surfer SEO optimization, editing, two rounds of revisions, publishing on the WP, monthly reports, link building and consistent communication.

Apart from these pricing plans, you can opt for only one or two of our services if you only want GA4 setup or link building. Book a free consultation call to see how we can help you grow and join a great company of RingBlaze, FullSession, Expandi and other success cases.

2. Animalz


Animalz is a content marketing agency working with SaaS companies, venture capitalist (VC) firms and other tech companies, offering different types of content. Some big names they have worked with include Google, Amazon, Airtable, Intercom and Zendesk.

Here are the services they offer:

  • SEO consulting content audit & site structure, keyword research and strategy
  • Brand awareness blog articles, thought leadership content and conference presentations
  • Lead generation ebooks, whitepapers and landing pages
  • Product marketing video scripts, knowledge base articles and case studies
  • Promotion and distribution link building and social media & email campaigns

Some of their results include generating 550 leads for Frontify with just one blog post and increasing Sellbrite’s monthly blog visits from 20,000 to 71,000 within a year.

Pricing: available upon request

3. Simple Tiger

Simple tiger

Simple Tiger is one of the SaaS marketing agencies that help you improve organic search and increase revenue. They pride themselves on their ability to integrate into your team and help you make better decisions.

Their services include:

  • Keyword research finding the best keywords to target in your industry
  • Content marketing devising a SaaS content marketing strategy and producing quality content
  • Technical optimization finding technical issues with your site and helping fix them
  • Link building building links to promote your business

For results, Simple Tiger has to show an increase in organic traffic for about 20,000 new users in the first five months for ContractWorks and over 330,000 unique visitors to JotForm’s site in just under three months.

Pricing plans: 

  • Growth for SaaS companies getting started with SEO, $10-20m ARR 
  • Scale for SaaS companies familiar with SEO, $20-100m ARR
  • Enterprise for enterprise SaaS companies, $100m+ ARR

They offer three pricing plans, each based on your business size and needs and differing in the number of words and links, but the quotas are available upon request. All three pricing plans include the four services listed above and ongoing support in terms of consulting, Slack communication and reporting.

4. Flying cat marketing

Flying cat marketing

Flying cat marketing is an SEO and blog writing company helping growth-stage B2B SaaS companies achieve predictable and sustainable growth.

They offer:

  • Full-service SEO SEO audit, on-page SEO, technical SEO, conversion rate optimization, link building and strategy
  • Content writing shareable, well-researched content optimized for humans
  • SEO strategy only helping you get the most out of your content team
  • Process onboarding, market and audience research, content marketing strategy, content creation, optimization and reporting

Flying cat marketing helped Stonly reach a 986% increase in qualified traffic and helped Mixmax achieve a 500% increase in blog-assisted demo requests in ten months.

Pricing: available upon request

5. Growfusely


Another SaaS content marketing agency to consider is Growfusely, formerly known as The 20 Media.

They offer:

  • Content marketing content strategy, creation, promotion, measurement and thought leadership
  • SEO SEO audit, technical SEO, link building, local SEO, Google penalty recovery, website migration
  • Digital PR building a reputation on social media, promoting your brand and establishing thought leadership

Growfusely helped Mind the Graph generate a 217% organic traffic increase in six months.

Pricing: available upon request

SaaS blog writing company: Hiring checklist


Image source: Freepik

Before hiring, check if your SaaS blog writing agency ticks all the boxes below.

SaaS specialization

After all, you are looking for a SaaS blog writing company, so you better check if your agency specializes in SaaS content marketing. Why is this important? A general B2B agency doesn’t have the understanding and experience of SaaS businesses like a SaaS-specific company. 

If you have a problem with your kidney, you don’t go to a general practitioner but to a nephrologist who specializes in solving your specific problem. You should treat your SaaS business similarly take it to a SaaS specialist instead of a B2B generalist.

A proven track record of success

Everyone can claim they’re the best at what they do and share advice, but what do they have to show for it? You need a company that walks the talks and can show results. Let’s see what you can look at to check the agency’s credibility.

Case studies

Quoleady's article B2B SaaS Case stuy: 50k visits, 650 leads with just 20 articles - RingBlaze

Most companies have case studies on their website, but you can also request them from the company since not all case studies will be public because of the confidential information. See what results the company brought in terms of leads, organic traffic and rankings.


Exmples of SaaS High-intent content

Research their site for a portfolio of written work or ask for samples. When evaluating their written content, consider these questions:

  • Is the content engaging and does it entice you to read further?
  • Does the content provide value? Is the advice actionable or generic?
  • Does the article answer the search intent? Is it straight to the point?
  • Is it easy to skim, with headings, subtitles, lists, images etc.? 
  • Is the article well-researched and does it provide accurate information?
  • Is the blog post well-structured?


Quoleady's client Expandi

Although less reliable, you should look at client testimonials and mentions to see what the clients highlight about working with the company.

Communication and values

Quoleady's values

It is crucial that your team can efficiently work with the chosen agency. The best way to determine this is to book a consultation call and see how you feel about their communication style. Questions to ask yourself during or after a call include:

  • Do I feel heard and understood?
  • Do I feel they genuinely care about helping me?
  • Are they transparent and clear? Do they offer direct answers?
  • Do they openly discuss their services, pricing and what they expect from me?

Through a consultation call, you’ll be able to determine whether their values align with yours and see if you feel they care about potential customers, listen to them and value transparency and open communication.

Also, to determine what your communication during the project will be like and how responsive or flexible they are, you can ask:

  • Who will be my point of contact during the project?
  • How often will they be available?
  • Which platform will we use to communicate?
  • How often will I receive reports and what is your reporting process? 

SEO skills and strategy

SaaS keyword research: Choosing the right keywords

First, why do SaaS businesses using content marketing need SEO and strategy in the first place? 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps your content reach a broader audience by optimizing for search engines and increasing your site’s visibility for the terms your buying personas are searching for. What good is excellent content if people can’t find it? 

A strategy helps you focus on the content tailored to your target audience and bringing the highest ROI, with 45% of B2B marketers attributing strategy changes to their content marketing success. All your efforts will be in vain if you produce content without a well-thought-out strategy. 

Producing a piece that ranks, brings traffic and, most importantly, valuable leads involves much more than writing you have to understand the market, product and target audience, search for suitable keywords, optimize your SaaS blog for SEO, ensure all the technical aspects of your website are in order and build backlinks to your site.

That’s why we believe it’s best to find a SaaS content writing company with SEO experts and strategists working with the content team, allowing you to save time on onboarding both an SEO and content agency and educating them about your product.

Even if you already have an SEO expert or strategist and hire a full-service agency only for SaaS content writing, it is more likely they know how to align their SaaS content creation with the strategy because they already work with SEOs and content strategists. You want your blog writing agency to integrate perfectly with the team you have and understand your goals.

So, how do you check their SaaS SEO skills and strategy? Apart from checking their blog for guides and case studies for the process, here are the questions you can ask on a consultation call to help you make a decision:

Ensure the company has established procedures they can tailor to your process, does not give vague answers and is not promising fast results but realistic long-term and sustainable growth.

Company’s website

The last point from our checklist is to look at the company’s website. Seeing how the agency markets itself can provide valuable insights into its marketing skills and understanding of user behavior. 

Here is what to consider:

  • SaaS content marketing blog Apart from the case studies and portfolio we mentioned, you can also check whether they have actionable blog content on their website to get an idea of their expertise in SaaS content marketing.
  • User experience – The website should be user-friendly, mobile responsive and easy to navigate.
  • Design – The site should be visually appealing and consistent with its branding.


Finding the right SaaS blog writing company can bring you more customers, but you must choose wisely. We suggest you pick a blog writing company that:

  1. Specializes in SaaS
  2. Has a proven track record of success (case studies, portfolio, testimonials)
  3. Communicates clearly with your team members and cares about your results
  4. Offers a complete content production service including SEO and strategy
  5. Markets itself in a way that resonates with you and shows expertise

Whether you need high-quality content only or a full service from strategy to execution, we are here to help. Book a call today to find out how!


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